Our Mission

MMEBC ministers through constant prayer, worshipping, preaching, teaching, evangelizing, singing, observing the ordinances, sharing, service and soul-winning.
Mt. Moriah-East reflects that we are grateful for our present spiritual growth and past service to humanity, yet we continue to grow toward Christian maturity by respecting and honoring our Savior, King and Lord, through worship and the following actions:

  • Loving Him with mind, spirit , body, talents and substance through service.
  • Loving and caring for others as we do ourselves.
  • Witnessing and sharing our faith with others, and making the truth known to all.

The Mt. Moriah-East Baptist Church will maintain the original church pattern established in the New Testament through two major priorities: Edification and Discipleship. All church ministries will be spiritually and systematically designed to create, sustain and promote “Edification” and “Discipleship,” both to the corporate body and the individual believer.  

The word edify comes from the Greek word “oikadome” meaning to build up, as in building a wall. Its spiritual reference is to the inward building of the house of God or God’s people. In I Corinthians 3:9, the church is compared to a building. “Ye are god’s building.” In I Peter 2:5 “ Ye also, as lively stones are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.”

Ours is to offer preaching, teaching, support and inspirational ministries designed to inform and inspire each member to strive for and achieve the best. Ours is to repetitiously express the abundant life given by the death of Christ and its availability to those who serve Him and fully use their talents to achieve personal goals and success. Ours is to teach that life is precious, that God is aware of every life and has an expectation of success for every life. Ours is to remind each member of the personal responsibility of choices promoting a good life and prayerful prevention from eternal afflictions.

The term Discipline is derived from the Latin word discipulus, meaning pupil or learner and corresponds exactly with the Greek word mathetes. The followers of Christ are designated as “His Disciples.” Therefore, as Christians, we are to be Disciples of Christ.

As Disciples, we are believers, learners in the school of Christ, to a sacrificial life for Christ’s sake and required to act to fulfill the climatic obligations of discipleship by making disciples of others.

At Mount Moriah-East, our goal is to offer ministries designed to prepare the membership for discipleship and to make a disciple of others. Every Auxiliary ministry is obligated and mandated to discipleship.